Last Edited : Oct 29, 2023

For a better understanding of how the system works, we kindly ask you to review these frequently asked questions before using it.

  • MyReport is a tool for compiling information and presenting it in an organized and understandable manner in essay or report mode.
  • The user just sets the objective of the report by entering its title and abstract (or executive summary).
  • The approximate number of words of the report to be generated is also set.
  • The final product is a report in Google Doc format that will be shared with you via a link.

This has countless applications, from creating an initial working document, to an informative blog post, to the basis of a research essay as well as the foundations of an academic assignment.

The generated reports will be deleted from time to time (normally 90 days after their generation), so we recommend that you save a copy or download or export them in the format and location of your choice to keep them forever.

At the moment all reports are generated exclusively in English, and it is expected that all information sources will also be in that language.

The report description (title and abstract/excutive summary) can be entered in a different language and the tool will translate them in advance.

  • The software does not create new concepts or perform deductive or inductive analyzes on the information.

  • MyReport does not generate new business ideas or investment recommendations or or strategies to follow, it simply collects information on the subject and generates a starting document on which to work and provide the human spark.

  • The software also does not discover new ideas from the data, so you can get a foundation for a research paper but not with unique perspectives or novel approaches to the topic, and also with no postulation of questions or hypotheses to contribute to the research.

  • So MyReport also does not replace a human researcher, but is simply a tool to gather and present information from different sources, so you have a starting point.

This is not a limitation of AI itself, but rather a self-imposed limitation, because the goal is to offer demonstrable and verified information rather than speculation or hallucinations.

The information necessary for the report is automatically searched on the Internet, selecting the sources and taking the most relevant ones, as well as choosing the pieces of information that best fit the desired content.

Additionally, the user can specify links to publicly available data that they want to be considered in the report.

From the links provided, the system will extract the information (whenever permitted) and decide which parts of that information are most appropriate for the objective of the report to be generated, to include them in it.

  • You can include up to 20 links to be taken into account for the report generation

  • The accepted links are those pointing to web pages (html), documents (pdf, rtf, txt) and images (jpeg, png, svg).

  • The information should be in the English language (by now).

  • Please, use publicly accessible links.

  • Sub-links included in the content are not followed, e.g. If a web page includes links to other pages on the same or different websites, they will not be used for the report.

ATTENTION: Some anti-bot mechanisms may block information retrieval.

For now, sources are referenced through their web links and the brief description they provide in the page title.

We are working hard to implement APA-formatted citations as well as other alternatives (as MLA). However, this type of reference format can only be had in the case of academic sources, since not all sources of information provide them.

To obtain good quality reports suitable for your objectives, it is important to properly transmit your wishes to the AI. To do this, we ask you to follow these lines of action:

  1. The title and abstract (or executive summary) should match the same topic.
  2. Please write normal text, without using capital letters or keywords, just set the title and abstract as they would appear in the actual report.
  3. Avoid using bullets, enumerations or lists in the summary, simply write a paragraph describing the contents of the report.
  4. The title and abstract should include complete sentences, do not cut them in half just because there is not enough space to fit the text you need, in which case make a summary of what you want to achieve.
  5. Do not try to micromanage the report by writing in detail the sections that you want it to include in its index, it is preferable that you focus on the main contents that you want, the tool will take care of organizing them for you.
  6. It is advisable to expand the acronyms at least in the title, and especially if they are not very common or used. For example: instead of simply writing “IoT” you can write “IoT - Internet of Things”.
  7. Don’t hide information from the system, if you want the report to focus on a specific geographic area or time period, tell it. The more precise you are in your request, the better.

Keep in mind that MyReport does not know personal information about you or your work, so if you request something like “A report about the great achievements I have obtained in the last year” it will not know what to offer you.

As a final note, the system is based on finding sufficient sources of information in English on the topic in question; If your application only has sources in other languages, the report may fail.

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