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The best augmented intelligece tool to create a great report about any subject in minutes.

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MyReport receives your question and surveys the Internet World collecting and filtering valid data you are looking for.
In a few minutes MyReport offers you a documented report to work with.
Additionally, , with the professional plan, you will no longer have to sift through a large stack of documents to get the information you need, as MyReport can connect with your data documents, through a shared drive, to use them for the report content with full privacy.


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Boost cooperation

MyReport will provide you with a quick-start draft of any new idea or business challenge you and your team are working on.
So the basic information is put on the table and the brainstorming starts right away.


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MyReport is the tool that lets you advance faster in your daily work and make easier analysis and decision tasks.
You no longer have to spend time researching and investigating.
MyReport does it for you and you can focus on what really matters for you.


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