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The main characteristic of MyReport is its simplicity, if we are lightening your load, it makes sense that we do it without major complications.
If you need to go into details, we invite you to check our frequently asked questions.

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Launch the Report

As easy to set up as it gets

You will provide the system with textual guidelines in natural language about how the report should be generated.
You will select the approximate desired length on words, as well as some extra optional choices about how the report will be generated and which sources of information will be used.
With the professional plan MyReport can connect with your data documents, through a shared drive, to use them for the report content with full privacy.


Receive the Document

Several hours of work in minutes

Then our augmented intelligence will search the internet for sources related to your report request.
Learning from those sources will allow it to summarize and elaborate the found contents to generate a beautiful document for you, including source citations, as we are totally against plagiarism.
You will receive the document link via email, download it, and done.


Feed your documents and data to the tool

Plus feature: work with your own data

With the professional plan, you can share your documents and data as information sources for generating the reports.
And always with the highest level of privacy and security, following the latest industry standards.
Learn more in the sharing data section and visiting our frequently asked questions.


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