With the professional plan, you can share your documents and data as information sources for generating the reports.

You just need to follow two simple steps.

Select the data to use

Put your documents in a Google Drive folder

  • The system will use all files in the folder and its sub-folders.
  • You can include up to 100 total files with a maximum of 100 Mb size each.
  • The Google Workspace documents (gdoc, gsheet, gslides) formats are limited to10 Mb each.
  • You can just share one file (instead of a folder) if you prefer to.
  • By now we are accepting this files:
    1. web pages (html)
    2. documents (pdf, docx, odt, gdoc, txt, rtf, epub)
    3. spreadsheets (xlsx, ods, gsheet, csv)
    4. presentations (pptx, odp, gslides)
    5. images (jpeg, png, svg, tiff, gdraw)
  • The information must be in the supported languages.


Sharing the data

Grant viewer permissions for the folder to us

Our user is , please follow this help guide to add viewer sharing permissions to us.
For safety we do not recommend using general permisions for ‘anyone with the sharing link’, but restrict them just to our specific user.
When the permissions are granted, just copy the shared link that you will use in MyReport interface to fill the report generation request.
We highly encourage you to remember removing the permissions when the report is ready to your entire satisfaction.


Your data is safe

We do not copy or store anything

  • The files will be read exclusively during the report generation.
  • All the information is solely used for the report generation purposes.
  • The files will NOT be stored anywhere, human readed or used for any AI training.
  • The access to our platform is secured with your authentication user.
  • All the communications are encrypted following the best industry standards.


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