You can provide ad hoc public web links as sources of information besides our web search

You just need to take into account some recommendations.

Get that public url that you rely on

Copy the link from the web page where the information is

  • Then you will paste the link in the 'Additional links to individual pages or documents' report form input
  • The system will use all the information collected from that web page.
  • But will NOT NAVIGATE to other links of the same site.
  • You can include up to 20 ad-hoc urls to be revised.


What we can manage by now

Check that the information is processable!

  • By now we are accepting this content in the web:
    1. web pages (html)
    2. documents (pdf, docx, odt, txt, rtf, epub)
    3. spreadsheets (xlsx, ods, csv)
    4. presentations (pptx, odp)
    5. images (jpeg, png, tiff, svg)
  • And the content must be in the supported languages.


What if I want to use all the content within a website?

You can narrow the search for information to your favorite websites

  • You can also indicate a list of web domains so that we can search for information within them instead of the entire WWW:
    1. You can configure up to 5 preferred sites that are publicly accessible.
    2. The system will search within those websites (all their pages) rather than the whole Internet.
  • And remember that the content must be in the supported languages.


Not all the webs are friendly to us

Please note that sometimes we are disabled for information retrieval

  • In occassions the web information is readable by humans but not by machines:
    1. when they include many beautiful visual effects and presentations
    2. with some document sharing webs or PDF weird readers
    3. using complicated cookies consent management dialogues
    4. with mandatory signup/signin for access
    5. explicitly using anti-bot mechanisms and captchas
  • You can increase our chances of success by providing several alternatives.


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